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We now have First View to help us publish the manuscripts we have accepted well in advance of their print date. Further, oftentimes these manuscripts are available online individually well before the issue as a whole is available. But, in favor of supporting a cohesive approach to reading JPP, we will begin to publish each issue’s table of contents here on our blog. See below for what the December issue has to offer. Better yet, you can read the issue online now or wait with bated breath until October 15th, at which point the whole issue will be free to view for two months. Mark your calendars, and alert your friends… because sharing is caring.

The December issue includes: 

When the smoke clears: expertise, learning and policy diffusion
By Charles R. Shipan and Craig Volden

Policy learning and science policy innovation adoption by street-level bureaucrats
By Gwen Arnold

State tax subsidies to bolster the long-term care insurance market
By David C. Nixon

Integrated strategies on sustainable development, climate change mitigation and adaptation in Western Europe: communication rather than coordination
By Juan Casado-Asensio and Reinhard Steurer

Budgeting and implementing fiscal policy in Italy
By Alessandra Cepparulo and Francesca Gastaldi and Luisa Giuriato and Agnese Sacchi

“Close but no Cigar”: the measurement of corruption
By Paul M. Heywood and Jonathan Rose

We also give thanks to the many generous individuals who have offered their expertise in helping us review all submissions over the years, including this past year. For a full list of those who reviewed for us in 2014, please click here.

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